If you’ve been hesitant to virtualize your IBM InfoSphere* Information Server, this new information just might give you the boost you need to take the leap from physical environment to virtual environment. How does a 98 percent throughput sound to you?

IBM, VMware and Intel tested the runtime performance of a virtualized IBM InfoSphere DataStage* 8.7 server running on VMware vSphere 5.0* and powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family. InfoSphere DataStage* scaled smoothly as the number of virtual CPUs (vCPUs) increased while clocking throughput up to 98 percent of that found in a physical environment, demonstrating that VMFS for storage provisioning can be used with virtualized workloads without affecting performance.

The server used an IBM System x3850 X5* with a network-attached IBM System Storage* DS5300. We controlled RAM and processor availability on the native environment, and we enabled all virtualization options except for Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. We installed all IBM InfoSphere DataStage* components (IBM WebSphere* 8.1 Application Server, XMeta repository* and a DataStage* engine) on one physical server and on one VM. Running the DataStage engine in a single VM showed higher throughput. Throughput in physical and virtual environments increased as the number of processor cores increased, with performance varying between 2 and 10 percent. The overhead for the virtual environment was only 10 percent for all tested configurations.

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By GigaOM