Despite the explosion of cloud services on the market, many IT professionals are still slow to adopt the cloud. Technology advancements in storage software now enable organizations to get started in the cloud with a disaster recovery and/or backup solution efficiently and easily.

“We just don’t know where to start” is often a common statement made by IT professionals who are asked about moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Whatever the reason, many of them are taking a “wait and see” approach to adopting cloud as part of their infrastructure solution. Disaster recovery (DR) and backup represent two very compelling ways to get in the cloud quickly and provide companies with substantial benefits and protections.

Technology advancements, such as the Nimble Storage replication feature inherent in the CASL architecture, coupled with service providers like Virtacore, who can provide secure cloud storage of the replicated data from the Nimble device, now can provide IT professionals with an easy and cost-efficient way to be in the cloud. “Virtacore’s CoreREPLICATION service was created because we saw a need and, working closely with the talented people at Nimble Storage, we wanted to respond to what our customers were demanding,” said Michael Grant, the VP of Sales at Virtacore. “In over 5 years working in cloud technologies, this is the easiest way to have data replicated to the cloud that I have seen.”

Virtacore has developed a complete DR solution for customers who want the added security of additional resources and VMs in the event of a disaster scenario, enabling them to quickly have their IT infrastructure up and running in the cloud. Virtacore, in partnership with Nimble Storage, recently rolled out this service, and demand has grown rapidly.

By GigaOM