Marco Arment is in cleaning mode: After selling Instapaper to Betaworks, he today announced that he has sold his ‘The Magazine’ publication to its current editor, Glenn Fleishman.

The Magazine is a subscription publication, charging $1.99 per month, with new issues released every 2 weeks. It has applications extant for iOS devices, and can be read on the Web as well as in a number of ebook formats. According to a release compiled by Fleishman, The Magazine will “continue to operate the subscription-only periodical on the same basis” as before the sale.

In Arment’s mind, readers will not likely notice the transition. The sale itself closes on June 1, giving the relevent parties around 48 hours to break the contract and retreat. I’m kidding.

The sale appears sensical as Arment doesn’t handle the editorial side of the business, and Fleishman was already running its operations. Terms of the sale were not disclosed, but I doubt the dollar figure was too high; though well received, The Magazine remains a smaller, technology-focused publication, though its success in charging for content puts it into a rarefied niche among the likes of NSFWCORP.

What’s next for Arment now that his two most public projects are off his plate? He claims to be prepped to find a new itch: “Anyone who thinks I’m going to retire doesn’t know me very well. I get restless if I don’t build something for 2 days.”

He’ll be back. For now, you can subscribe to The Magazine here if you are so inclined.

Top Image Credit: Luz Bratcher

By Alex Wilhelm